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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Scott Gottlieb: JUUL's Industrial Revolution Runs Away...

My father spoke about this book ( when I was young.  He studied under Wright...

I always found the statement "The Industrial Revolution Runs Away" a very interesting take on  disruptive technologies (like vaping).  Government can't control everything.  Wright figured this out in 1932.

Today, some 85 years later FDA is cracking down on JUUL; wrestling JUUL down by the horns to prevent "the children" from vaping.

Unfortunately for the FDA the industrial revolution (in this case JUUL tech) is running away.  The horse is out of the barn.  To wit from "Not Blowing Smoke" on Facebook we have

Note the second line "Santa Cruz will allow youth to possess and use cigarettes but not vapor."


I've met the guy that runs this.  I really don't think he is making this up.

I've written extensively about what would happen when the FDA "steps in" to save us all from vaping: Opioids vs E-Liquids: How the FDA Harms Children, Withholding THR from Children is Abuse and FDA: The JUUL of Denial as examples.

People will be encouraged to smoke.

Now it seems to be coming true, at least in California.

Adding fuel to this fire is the concept of JUUL "modding" as outlined in this Motherboard article:

Seems like JUUL has seeded the US with millions of recycle-enabled JUUL "pods" - (no, no says JUUL, they can't be refilled).

Ha, Ha, Ha says Motherboad.

Seems like the kiddies that wrote the article have rediscovered the origins of vaping:

Stuff that's freely available anywhere to anyone (see what I wrote on King Arthur baking flavoring).

Now there's no doubt millions of JUUL pods circulating that can be easily refilled via common hacking and maker techniques.  Enterprising kids can rifle through the garbage and sell their pals refilled JUUL pods.  Given JUULs reach there's virtually an unlimited supply of materials. If I were in high school this would be a big money maker: refilling JUULs and helping kids NOT SMOKE.

Imagine what will happen when these kiddies figure out they don't just need to use Mango...

Given you now own this problem where do you go next Scott?

Ban PG and VG?

Freeze sales of flavoring?

Maybe the SS should step in and rifle through everyones lockers, cars and homes for vaping supplies.

YOU have the kiddies heading back toward smoking, at least in Santa Cruz, instead of vaping... (Well, maybe just the loons in CA have done this but they are taking their directions from your anti-smoking minions.)

So what's next,  Scott?

Personally I think the FDA's attempts to put the Genie back in the bottle needs to end.

It's not working.

There is no real statistical basis for the under age vaping "emergency" except it looks bad relative to the status quo.

And I get that.

But wouldn't it be better if kids in CA couldn't possess cigarettes instead of vapes?

The collective "you" know (or at least you used to) that nicotine isn't the problem.

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