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Monday, February 19, 2018

Facebook: Russian Meddling vs. Vaping...

Supposedly Russian's spent some $100,000 USD with Facebook meddling in the US 2016 election:

This begs the question:

Why does Facebook allow Russian's meddling in our elections to purchase ads but not vape shops?

Seems like Facebook values the business of Russian meddlers far more than the lives of smokers.

Russian ads from the WaPo... via Google Image Search
Surprisingly the Russian's are merely (top center) repeating what Sanders actually said as reported The Hill (for example):

"Do I have a problem when a sitting secretary of State and a foundation run by her husband collects many, many dollars from foreign governments — governments which are dictatorships?

"Yeah, I do have a problem with that. Yeah, I do," Sanders said on CNN's "State of the Union."

Yet vaping cannot be advertised despite the growing scientific evidence demonstrating it's safety relative to smoking (for example, from the Guardian):

I think the judgement of Facebook really needs to be questioned.

(Still waiting for data from the FDA FOIA requests...)

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