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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Philip Morris: Free on Facebook

Meet the iQOS from Philip Morris (PM):

I wouldn't know about this save for the "People Also Shared" iQUOS add from none other than Facebook?

And more!  In the third panel about poor, sad PM laying people off to expand their "improved health" product investments.

But wait, aren't such claims disallowed under the new FDA deeming regs?

This just showed up today on my Facebook feed.

Wow!  People must be "talking about it!"

Except the article is from March, 2016...?

AND Facebook doesn't let anyone advertise anything related to vaping...

Or does it?

Maybe if someone shares it? My private post?  Suddenly people I don't know get to find out about things others are "talking about"?

Gee, sounds like advertising to me...

Perhaps someone should be talking to Facebook and Zuckerberg about prison...

Let's imagine that 1,000s of Philip Morris Facebook goons share this amongst each other to build up the interest...

No, regardless of how much vape stuff "I share" or "I see" none of that makes it up to this level of "talking about..."

How interesting.

So no, this iQUOS crap wasn't just shared into popularity.

Its a plant.

Look at the middle panel: E-Cig poisoning on the rise!

Let me guess, the new Philip Morris product resolves the poisoning issue by making a nice, Big Tobacco product that not mixed in someone's garage or basement...

I suppose somehow Philip Morris can have a article written about their uninteresting, tobacco leaf-based non-vaping no-proof-its-healthier crappy product just so it can magically appear on my Facebook feed.

Guess old Zuckerberg is cool with PM pushing their "improved health" investment opportunities...

Zuckerberg needs prison for this...

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