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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The New Definition of "Live Music"

About four months ago I wrote "The Future of Music" where I describe how virtual singers and musicians will be entertaining people in the future.

To be sure I did not expect to find the results of this so soon.  None-the-less here we have Tupac Shakur entertaining people at Choachella 2012 Arts and Music Festival:

Its interesting to point out that Tupac has been dead for the last 25 years or so (September 13, 1996).

Yet here he is, as I described in "The Future of Music" entertaining people.

So entertaining in fact, that he may go on tour according to this WSJ article.

Now, in point of fact, this is not a 3D image but merely a 2D image and no, Tupac is still dead.

What you see is a video projected in such as way as to create the illusion of 3D.  The effect is from the 1860's and is called "Pepper's Ghost" - basically a mirror and a transparent screen organized with a projector to create the illusion.

Tupac is a virtual computer-generated Tupac projected onto this screen.

The effect was realistic enough, apparently, to have upset people.

So now there are a couple of interesting questions.  One images that someone must own Tupac's image and certainly his music rights.

So does this mean people will pay to go see a dead entertainer? 

Will today's kids even really know (or care about) the difference?

In twenty years someone will describe having seen this concert and my guess is no one will know or care if he was alive or dead at the time...

Sort of gives a new definition to "live" music...

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